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Established in 1974, Techno Scientific is a leading name in the field of Electronics, Electrical Test & Measuring Instruments / Lab setup.
We believe in providing our customers latest State-of-Art products and technology.


While education and training are important to skill development, it is also known that only 10 percent of learning happens in the classroom, from books, or online learning activities. This is often because learning in these formats is more passive. Most learning, a full 70 percent, happens by doing. Learning by doing can take place through on the job and leadership experiences. The setting up of our Training program was triggered by the increasing demand of trained manpower for the jobs created in various sectors as a result of opening of our Economy.

Our model is based on the addressing the needs of the Industry and is therefore focused on making students work ready. We also work extensively with various experts in the related fields who can give insight into what is happening in the latest technology and challenges being faced at various levels - creating program with a singular objective of matching youth to jobs or self employment opportunities. To support this program we have launched following practical training program which can make students and professionals to learn better and apply their knowledge in their daily activities

Oscilloscope Measurement techniques

Spectrum Analyser Measurement techniques

Semiconductor Characterisation techniques

I-V Characterisation techniques

Multimeter Measurement techniques

Low level DC Measurement techniques

Insulation Measurement techniques

Earth Resistivity Measurement techniques

We have developed the above programs on various Modules basis. All the necessary Test Instruments, Easy to understand Course content and testing kit / fixtures are provided in this training program. For more details, please write to us at

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